askaDOL, Some Competitions in Imogiri

To commemorate Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia, we conducted several activities for a month. These activities were subjected to two primary school which the students involved in dispute. They were Tunggalan and Gondosuli. For that, we attempted to make them united and played together within games, outbound and local competitions.

It was very hard on the first day to know them all and connect each other. The Tunggalans did not want to join and play together with the Gondosulees vice versa. They were dog and cat alike.

From day to day we endeavored to make them gathered as one of our target. And, they joined in our activities on step by step. Finally, they were joining as participants in the Pentas Seni on August, 19 and performing a drama performance which they produced in 2 weeks before thought by college students of Institute of Indonesian Art of Yogyakarta.

Further they were playing without Gondosulees nor Tunggalans. They were all for one as the Sriharjo’s Younger’s. Therefore, the spirit of Independence Day and all of our activities made them gathered and filled with friendship and peace. Even several programs were changed but most of the planned Program and our target were held and succeed.

Traditional Games Festival

These programs were held on August 14th to 16th for 3 hours from 1.00 pm to 4.00 pm. They were Kites making and Decoration Competition, Kites Festival, Gobaksodor, Marble, Gangsingan, Dakon. We found difficulties to run some game. On Engklek required long time to be undergone, so we cancelled it. Instead of these we held the Putting Nails on the Bottle and Pinnata games.

Most of the children just followed their interest to join the game. They didn’t care about loose and win. In the Kites Making and Decoration Competition there were some children who did not know how to make it. So we feel it’s funny because they still participating this competition although they didn’t have any skill. On each game the winner would got the prizes from us directly.

Ikan Lele (cuttle fish) Fishing Competition

At the first time we came to Gondosuli, we tried to look after ikan lele for small pond, for about 150 fishes inside. In the next month we made some competitions as the attractive way to harvest it. It was Fishing Competition. Firstly we addressed the game for the child under 7 years, but the participants were on the small number. There were many child interested to join the competition, finally we decided to large participant age.

The winners brought the ikan lele home and also got the prizes directly from us.

Poster Colouring Competition

The competition was held for 2 days, August 5th for the Elementary School and on August, 7th for the Kindergarten. About 250 posters were published and exhibited on the Exhibition.

Photograph Training using the Kamera Lubang Jarum (Needle Sized Hole Camera)

The program was held on August, 8th. We thought the children how to use recycled materials to make the needle sized hole camera. And then, to capture an object and the finalizing to be a photo by use the bathroom as a dark room. It was presented during the training around the Thailand Students (participant of TOT) who visited us at the time.

Children’s were very interested to learn and try to practice it. They learned carefully. In fact, the result was not so good. It just some of them who showed a graphic or picture, but some of them just full black. It was difficult to find an object and then capture it. That was because we couldn’t accompany each of them to capture the object.

Shirt Screening Training

The program was held on August, 6th where it followed by 20 local youths. The training was not started as scheduled because some the youths having work. They have to help the local wedding ceremony in that village.

Drawing and Coloring Competition

This activity was successfully done in August, 12 at 1.00 pm up to 4.00 pm which is followed by 140 children.

In the mid of the competitions, the electricity was off. Therefore we could not used the microphone and could not play the song. Some friends try to fix it and the other try to handle the children. We ask the children to sing together. We also distribute some biscuits and jelly drinks.

The jurrying process was done directly at the end of this competition by the students of Paint Art Faculty of Sarjana Wiyata University.


This program run at August, 14th-19th in the banana trees garden near our tent. This exhibition was present the result of children’s masterpieces and documentations. They are:

  1. Poster about :

· How to make small garden

· How to make simple fishpond

· How to make compost

· How to make kites

· How to make Needle Sized Hole Camera

  1. Photos of activity
  2. Photograph result of children using Needle sized Hole Camera
  3. Children Drawing and Coloring
  4. Poster of The Winner of “ Coloring and Decorating The Poster” Competition
  5. Result of Kites Competitions.

Some poster and result of Local Resident Handicraft were canceled because we didn’t have enough time to prepare it. The shirt-screening counter also canceled. We replaced it at closing program on September, 2nd.

This exhibition was opened in the evening of August, 14 play together with the children and play some fireworks.

Art Performance

This performance has been carried out in the evening of August, 19th 2006. This performance was present various entertainment and amusement. Here are:

  1. Poetry Performance
  2. Children Drama Performance. They are children from Mojohuro village and Demen village.
  3. Announcement and prize awarding to children who won the competitions
  4. Children gamelan Group from Sragam ABG, Bantul, Yogyakarta
  5. Gamelan from lokal resident performance. They are Candra Rini Group and Es Teh Anget group.
  6. The Gayam 16 Community
  7. Music Group from Indonesian Art Institute Student.

In this event there were 150 participant and 20 people who helped us. The difficulties are there too many participants who join in this event. Therefore the time was so tight. With this event we tried to gathered all of the villagers people, gave the amusement and then gave the spirit to build their life up together, in peace way.

Closing Programs at askaDOL Centre in Imogiri

It held on 2nd of September. We gathered the children at 1 pm to make some handicraft. Before, we asked them to bring their own T-shirt. Then they were screening it with some pictures that we have made. Beside this activity we and the children also made some handicraft from recycled paper and clothes together. All of their activities results were used as the souvenir from our team.


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